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Parry Tack, since 1978, has been making custom Biothane and BETA tack for horse owners of all disciplines.  We make each to order by your specifications using USA made Biothane, on our Adler Saddle Making Sewing Machine using Weaver's ProBond Harness Thread in #277/210 and the best all stainless steel hardware available.  

We made several of these for a Sherrif's Posse Drill Teal and have an extra.  This catagory on our website will be used to sell those "extras".   The Options which are available on a new order, are not offered here, as these items are already made.   Sizes, colors and options used will be listed.  If you'd like one in a different size, color or option package, give us a call or place your order on the website in the appropriate catagory (Not Special Sale).  Hope this makes sense.  Take advantage of these already made items at great prices.  When they're gone....  well, you know the drill. :)

We made several of these sets for a drill team at $275 and have one extra for you!   At $225, this set is a deal  - free shipping! 

Horse Size:  Halter and Snap Add On Bridle, Breastplate and 10' Loop Reins in Hunter Green with Yellow Lining Betathane, Stainless Steel Hardware, True Halter with adjustable chin, halter squares and lead rope ring on chin. Snap on and removable Browband with crown strap bit hanger that is adjustable.  This bridle has all the bells and whistles.  This set retails for $275.  Take advantage of ready made and save over $50 - Free Shipping!


HALTER BRIDLE COMBINATIONS  -  A Favorite of Competitive, Endurance and Pleasure Trail riders!

We've made Halter Bridle Combinations for over 30 years!  See pictures of tack sets we made in the 80's, still in use today, on our facebook page.  With so many options available, please do call us to help you "Build your Bridle".  All sizes and colors combinations are available as well as matching Reins and Breast Plates/Collars.

Start with choosing one of these two styles, both allowing you to drop the bit from the halter part of the bridle.

1. Deluxe Endurance Halter Bridle Combination by Parry Tack, uniquely offers a separate Snap On Browband Headstall which fasten to the Halter.

2. Classic Halter Bridle comes standard in Black or Dark Brown BETA in 5/8” with 3/4” Brow and Nose band with Stainless Steel Hardware.

Both of these bridles allow a quick removal of the bit while leaving the halter portion on your horse.  Standard strapping measures 5/8" wide with 3/4 and 1" Browbands.

  • Overlay Trims - in matching or contrasting color for Pop on your Brow and Nose band
  • Underlays - in matching or contrasting color, a more subtle way of including your color on the Brow and Nose band
  • Hardware - All Stainless Steel in traditional English, Western Roller Buckles and the Jeremia Watt's Horseshoe Hardware
  • Bit Hangers - Standard Snap onto both cheeks or an Adjustable Crown Bit Hanger that independently slides over ears and rests on crown with optional Snap piece
  • Nosebands - Standard 1 piece Noseband with Ring for tieing or Optional 2 Piece Noseband with Halter Squares and adjustable chin strap
  • Curb Strap and Curb Chains also available