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DELUXE DRIVING HARNESS - TEAM              Call for Prices please - and to review options

Our Deluxe Driving Harness has a of a box loop, Blinded Bridle, Overcheck, Stainless Steel hardware and BETA Driving Lines. We've "beefed it up"  with more sewn in padding on the breastplate, breeching and gig saddle - no need for separate pads.  As well as making the gig saddle straps longer towards the girth making this harness more "substantial".  We've added decorative chain to the browband, a full Cavesson Noseband, bit and matching Hold Backs.   

There is no need for pads with this harness as the pads are built in.  However, pads are available for this harness - we suggest the Neoprene Pads.

If choosing the Hames Style Harness, Buggy style hames included.  Farm Hames available for upcharge.

Collar is sold separately.

Options include, but not limited to:

  • Shiny (Like Patent Leather Look) or Matte (Dull) Finish Biothane
  • Plain or Spotted
  • Breast Plate Style Harness or Collar &Hames Style Harness 
  • Over Check, Side Check or No Check on Bridle
  • Quick Release (For Loop End Shafts) or Curved Shaft Loops (For Straight End Shafts)
  • Solid Traces/Tugs or Buckle In Traces/Tugs
  • Split Breastplate available with Pads (not available with Buckle In Tugs)
  • Braided Driving Lines available 
  • Color Inlays available on Gig Saddle
  • Ornaments (Diamonds, Hearts, Stars) also available

The price listed above is for #9076T Mini size, Plain (No Spots) and Solid Traces/Tugs. 

Price for larger sizes is more.

Team set above shows optional Pigeon Wing Blinders and Gig Pads on Mules, Thelma and Louise

This harness is available for mini, pony, horse and cross size.  Draft size special order - please call.

Please see OPTIONS below to "Build your own" with the appropriate pricing.  

Please do call with any questions or to order by phone.   888-939-8225   or cell:  407-230-7370

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It just takes time and patience, sitting here at the keyboard (HATE IT!)   We're adding products daily.  

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