Biothane / Beta-thane Bridle - Wild Style 4 in 1 - Bitless or Bitted

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Parry Tack's WILD STYLE Bridle is unique in that it is Four Bridles in One.   

We developed this bridle 25 years ago. It's been reproduced by many. To copy is a compliment and we appalude all variations made to date.  


Google and visit "History of Horse Tack" to learn more, exerpts below:

History of the Bitless Bridle
It is likely that the first domesticated horses were ridden with some type of noseband, made of various materials such as sinew, leather, or rope. However, because the materials used to make gear other than metal bits disintegrates quickly, archaeological evidence of the earliest use of bitless designs has been difficult to find. The earliest artistic evidence of use of some form of bitless bridle was found in illustrations of Synian horseman, dated approximately 1400 BC. However, domestication of the horse occurred between 4500 and 3500 BC, while earliest evidence of the use of bits, located in two sites of the Botai culture, dates to about 3500-3000 BC. Thus there is a very high probability that some sort of headgear was used to control horses prior to the development of the bit.

ParryTack's Wild Style Bridle comes standard as follows:  
(Any variation is available per your specific request - made by hand in our shop)

  • Browband and Noseband are 5/8" with a 3/4 inch backing with same color (other colors available upon request - add $10)
  • Two 5/5" crown straps that feed through the loops on either end of the browband.  
  • The Cheek pieces have buckles on both ends.  One end of the cheek, buckles to the front crown strap, and the other end of that cheek, buckles to the noseband. 
  • Rein Extenders pass through the rings on the nosebane, cross under the jaw and buckle to the second crown snap.  
  • The Noseband is adjustable with rings on either side that the Rein Extensions pass through OR the reins snap directly onto, turning the bridle into a sidepull bridle.
  • The Extra Throatlatch strap has buckles on either end. Buckle this throatlatch strap to the second Crown piece (after removing Rein Extenders) to turn this bridle into a Sidepull.  
  • Add a Bit to the cheeks, below the noseband for a traditional Bitted bridle (English or Western Style (depending on hardware) with noseband.
  • Remove the Noseband, leave the bit and now you'll have a Browband Bridle or English Schooling Bridle

Our Wild Style Bridle or "4 in 1",  is rider configurable.  It was designed for trail or distance riders who want the freedom of choice on the fly.   We've all been on our horse (that we've ridden for 2-10 years) at the staging area with 30 or 100 of our "new best riding buddy's" and asked our horse,   "Who are you?"  We start off with a little dancing and jigging and after 20-30 minutes, we've got our favorite horse back.  Drop the bit, use the bridle as sidepull or cross strap bitless and you're on your way.  

We make this bridle with 5/8" Beta strapping with a 3/4" Browband and Noseband,  stainless steel hardware, no rivets, no screws.   Zoom in, look closely and compare.  
Matching reins, breastplate, martingales, cruppers and breeching also available.   

If you do not see it on the website, it does not mean we don't make it.  We do, and it just may be in stock!  

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