Biothane / Beta-thane Breast Collar - English Straight



This Breastplate or Breast Collar is the traditional English Style.  A wide, padded breaststrap attaches to saddle billets with adjustable buckled straps.  A 5/8” adjustable wither strap is buckled for ease of use.  This Breastplate comes standard without a ring for martingale, but we can add a d-ring should you need one.  Also available with a Neoprene backing.  Please know that although we offer a guarantee on our EZtack line.  When adding neoprene, we cannot offer that lifetime guarantee as the neoprene will wear.

We’re most familiar with this breastplate for saddle-seat.  

We’ve made this breastplate for years but we’re just getting it on the website.  Please call or write for more information.

Better pictures coming soon.

The Standard English Breastplate or Breast Collar comes in 3/4" Black or Brown with the same or contrasting color Lining in 1”BETA or Biothane.  

All hardware (buckles and rings) are Stainless Steel.    


Neoprene Padding

Contrasting color trim Overlay.

D -Ring for Martingale