If you're considering Biothane Harness, Bravo to you!  
Parry Tack is here to help

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When shopping for new harness, the possibilities are endless, making it easy to become overwhelmed with option choices.  
We will patiently answer any questions, share the many options available and guide you to the harness that is perfect for you.  
If you do not see it on the website, it does not mean we don’t make it,  We probably do and may have it in stock!

Driving Harness Options to Consider, but not limited to:
  • Single, Team, Tandem, Unicorn, 4up or more.  Do you want a team that can go sing;e, team and tandem? We can do it!
  • Breastplate or Collar and Hames Style? Buggy, Driving or Farm Style?
  • Finish: Shiny (Patent Leather Look) or Dull (Matte) finish?
  • Bridle:  Open, Blinded, Square, Round, Pigeon Wing?  Overcheck, Sidecheck or No Check?  Clyde White Straps? Noseband Cavesson? Face drop? Crown Snap?
  • Hames:  Stainless in Black or Polished? Buggy or Farm Style? Show Tops?
  • Leather Collars:  Top Grain, Split Grain, Patent Leather? Mule Style? Sweeney, Half Sweeney?
  • Shaft Loops:  Quick Release (for loop end shafts) or Curved (for straight shafts)
  • Traces / Tugs:  Solid, Buckle In, Hook In?
  • Breastplate:  Straight, V Style, Deep V Style, Split Breast Style?
  • Lines:  Black, Brown, Pain, Braided, Leather, Grip, Color
  • Decorations: Color Inlays, Ornaments (Spots, diamonds, hearts, stars), Housing

Like most of us, you have leather harness and tack, it works, it's beautiful, traditionalist' require it, as do some rulebooks.  Today, more and more judges allow the synthetics.  The work involved in maintaining leather harness is only one reason to switch to Biothane Harness.  Biothane has been used in the Equine industry - Harness Racing - since 1977.  Parry Harness & Tack was one of the original companies associated with Bioplastics, the inventors of Biothane.  Biothane like products are made in China, Australia and here in the USA.  Whom ever you choose to make your new harness, insist on Authentic, USA made Biothane.

Parry Tack coined the phrase: “Truly, the last tack you’ll buy.....    in that color”

Use the Measurement Guidelines below to help us make the perfect harness & tack for you. 

Standard Measurements for Single Horse Harness







OVER LOIN           



28 - 38”           


42 - 55            

24 - 32


Small Pony          

> 42”

32 - 40


47 - 69

28 - 38


Large Pony

41 - 46”

34 - 42


54 - 76

32 - 44



13 - 14.3 H

700 - 975

38 - 46


64 - 86

46 - 54



15 - 16.3 H

1000 - 1200 

40 - 48


68 - 90

46 - 54



1250 - 1400 

44 - 52


72 - 94

50 - 58



1400 - 1600

50 - 56


78 - 104

50 - 62


How to Measure your horse for Harness
  1. COM - Measure from Corner of mouth on one side, over poll, to corner of the mouth on other side.
  2. Noseband - Measure approx. 1 1/2” (2 Fingers) below the prominent cheekbone.
  3. Browband - from back of ear, across forhead to back of other ear.
  4. Throatlatch:  Measure entirely around the head/neck.
  5. Height - Measure from wither to ground.
  6. Girth - Measure all around the horse where the girth and saddle sit, behind the withers.
  7. Back Band - Measure from the back of where the gig saddle would be to the base of the tail.
  8. Breastplate - Measure from just behind the elbow, around the front to just behind the elbow on the other side.
  9. Breeching: Measure Flank to Flank - Around buttocks
  10. Collar Measurement - Call for Instructional Video
  11. Hip strap - Measure from top of the britching to the top of the britching on other side.
  12. Neckstrap - Measure from the top of the breastcollar to the top of the breastcollar on the other side.
  13. Center of chest to point of buttocks.
  14. Trace length - 
  15. Breed of Horse, Height & Weight
  16. Measure the length of your horse (flat) end to end (not around)


How to Measure for Riding Tack

             Measure for Bridles
  1. Browband:  Behind each ear to encompass Throat and Crown Straps.
  2. Crown/Cheeks:  Corner of Mouth over crown to Corner of Mouth
  3. Noseband:  Around Nose below check bones
  4. Throatlatch:  Around head at throat.
         Measure for Breast Collars / Plates
  1. Shoulder Straps (2): From center ring to shoulder ring
  2. Girth Strap: From Center Ring to Girth
  3. Saddle Straps (2): From Top of Shoulder Strap Ring to your saddle
  4. Wither Strap:  From ring to ring over wither
          Measure for Halters
  1. Noseband: around nose below cheek bones.
  2. Crown:  Noseband to Noseband 
  3. Throat Strap: Top of check ring to top of cheek ring
  4. Jaw: Or connector strap between Nose and Throat