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ALERT:  We make MUCH better harness & tack, than we do New Websites!

Welcome to our 4th Website!  In our humble opinion, we make the best harness and tack in the industry.  We’ve the very BEST customers and pride ourselves on our customer service (our customers make it easy).  Since 1978, weve catered to the Endurance and Pleasure Trail Riders. 

We are, however, not website builders.  We're learning though!  You might remember our old site, ugly but easy to use.  We stepped up, hired the experts to make a better, more professional looking site.  Well it looked good but it basically tanked.  So we're back on our own, struggling with loading a myriad of products and thier many options so that our customers can order right off the website. 
It takes time and patience, sitting here at the keyboard (HATE IT!) learning about MetaTags, SEO Requirements, etc.  We are adding products daily and trying to include all of the many options available for harness & tack.    In the mean time, thank you in advance for your kind patience and understanding.  Thank you for patronage since 1978! 

A website is a work in progress, frustrating, aggrivateing and a real brain squeeze.  If you ever find yourself needing a website, Ive got a few years of experience, thousands of dollars paid to "professionals" and would be happy to share my experience.  I can at least share with you what NOT TO DO!  

If you do not see it on the website, it does not mean we don't make it.  We do, and it just may be in stock!  

Please email or call us at 888-939-8225 or cell:  407-230-7370   

We will patiently answer questions, share the many options and guide you to the harness or tack that is perfect for you.


For more than 35 years, Parry Harness & Tack has been designing and manufacturing custom Biothane Harness & Tack for English, Western, Pleasure and Show enthusiast.

We maintain a presence in Florida, New York and California and travel to as many horse shows, breed shows and driving events as time (and fuel) allows.  Please invite us to your next ride.  If we're in the area, we always like to visit with customers and get feedback or sponsor a class.

We try to attend the following shows annually, Horse Expo, Western States Horse Expo, Equine Affair,  Mule Days Celebration, and many more

Whether you need a simple bridle for your trail horse, or harness for your 6 Up Draft Hitch Team, USA Biothane Coated Webbing and Parry Harness & Tack delivers!

USA Biothane Coated Webbing has provided security and durability to thousands of riders and drivers.  Standardbred Harness Racers, Carriage Drivers & Endurance Riders, who have represented their countries around the world, have used Biothane on their champions.  

Parry Harness & Tack is a proud sponsor of ACTHA,   The American Competitive Trail Horse Association as well as members of numerous horse, breed, trail riding and driving associations.

We proudly represent Bowman's Leather Harness and Custom Bit's. We offer the popular Coblentz Collars for your Hames harness. We also represent the beautiful Jeremiah Watt stainless steel hardware. 

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